Supporting Our Troops on Veteran’s Day

ArlingtonMany are quick to judge those of us who oppose our military actions overseas, saying that we should support our troops and the battles that they fight on our behalf. However, it is important to realize that supporting a war and supporting our troops are not inseparable notions. I do support our troops. I recognize and appreciate the great sacrifices that they make for us every single day. And because of that respect and appreciation, I can think of no better way to show my support than to oppose putting our servicemen (and women) in harms way unnecessarily.

Our interventionist foreign policy is getting thousands of American soldiers killed, and to what end? We now have hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of enemies overseas that we would have never had if we had taken care of business in Afghanistan and then come home. It is time that we show our troops the respect that they truly deserve and stop asking them to risk their lives in battles that do nothing to increase our security here at home. Their courage to enlist for our protection demands greater responsibility from those who send them off to die on foreign shores.

To those of you who serve or have served, you have my eternal thanks and all of the respect of my being. Happy Veteran’s Day and God bless America.


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