From My Cold Dead Hands

Vermont State Senator Philip BaruthI don’t know about you all, but I am outraged with the proposed firearms and magazine ban that Vermont State Senator Philip Baruth has introduced.  Following suit with the draconian measures recently implemented by our neighbors to the west, this legislation, while slightly less restrictive, would impose a ban on semi-automatic “assault weapons” and restrict magazine capacities to no more than 10 rounds.

My question is this:  HOW ON EARTH can anyone look at Vermont’s violent crime statistics (3rd lowest in the nation) and come to the conclusion that we need STRICTER gun control laws?  Our crime rates are so low, in part, thanks to our strong support of 2nd Amendment rights, giving would-be criminals a reason to second guess themselves for fear that their potential victims might be equipped to defend themselves.  So how will a ban on arbitrarily designated “assault weapons” serve to improve our currently admirable track record?  How will limiting magazine capacities to 10 rounds aid in deterring violent crime?

The fact of the matter is, if someone wanted to carry out a Sandy Hook type of attack, they would not be deterred by this legislation.  For one, they would certainly still be able to obtain the firearms and magazines proposed for ban if they so desired.  Criminals, by definition, do not follow the law.  Secondly, if acquiring such firearms proved too daunting, there would be plenty of firearms not criminalized by this legislation that operate identically to those that would be banned, differing only in aesthetics.  And finally, criminalizing a 30-round banana clip would prove to be completely ineffective, as it would take no great feat of intelligence to figure out that three 10-round magazines would be just as efficient and can be switched out in a matter of seconds.  Not to mention the fact that the vast majority of gun crimes committed in our country are perpetrated using weapons that would not be in any way affected by this legislation.  A criminal armed with several semi-automatic hand guns is just as lethal as a criminal armed with a so-called “assault weapon” or any other semi-automatic weapon.

This legislation is a knee-jerk reaction to an unfortunate and terrible tragedy, as well as the political equivalent at trying to keep up with the Jones’.  Our state carries a deep-rooted tradition of celebrating 2nd Amendment rights and, as such, some of the most well-educated civilian gun owners and operators in the nation.  We understand the power and responsibility that comes with utilizing any firearm, and we instill these values in our children and our society.  We hunt.  We target shoot.  We avidly collect.  And, we defend ourselves and our families when/if the need arises.

I, for one, would not submit to such tyrannical legislation, even is it were to pass, and believe that many other Vermonters would feel the same.  I strongly believe that this legislation will not garner enough support to be enacted, but why take the chance?  We should all contact our elected representatives and make our voices heard, and encourage everyone that we know to do the same.  If now is not the time to stand and be heard, then that time shall surely never come.


3 thoughts on “From My Cold Dead Hands

  1. For your Consideration

    As an LEO when confronted with a gang of thugs terrorizing an area, I have used this simple and effective strategy.

    1. Identify the Boss
    2. Make the Boss understand that unless he makes the thugs stop terrorizing the area, I will make his life miserable.
    3. It is called the “Slap & Pickle”

    In regards to the 2nd Amendment and Gun Control
    1. Boss: Banks and Wall street
    2. Thugs: Obama and anti-gun politicians
    3. “Slap & Pickle”: I will stop paying the mortgage on my house and business until Obama and anti-gun politicians restore my 2nd Amendment rights and stop trying to take them.

    Pros to Strategy:
    Money talks, it’s all about the money, it must flow
    Available to anyone regardless of age or physical condition
    Confrontation with authority averted at this point
    Re-election war chests negatively impacted

    Cons to Strategy:
    Credit rating lowered
    Look for a house to rent

    Respectfully submitted,
    P.O. I. FISH

  2. I agree with you P.O.I. Fish, it is completely a waste of time to change vermonts gun laws. For many of the reasons you stated the gun laws in Vermont are best left as they are.
    I believe that this is an attempt for Senator Baruth to try and impress his buddy in the Whitehouse….nothing more. the list of firearms that are in his proposed bill would have taken months for him to have come up with, telling me he just copied a list from some other senators proposal..?
    I am perplexed as to how he was able to be elected as a Senator anyway….he was arrested once ….hell, I have never been arrested, I have no record of any kind…I am a law abiding citizen that owns an AR15 and several other semi-automatic firearms and I won’t stand quietly while some politician decides to make me a criminal by making the possesion of AR 15 rifles a crime.
    Better start looking for a new job Mr. Baruth, I highly doubt you will ever be re-elected in this state!

  3. I agree with you, this is a foolish waste of time for our government to attack gun rights in this state.
    I will not stand quietly while this “jail bird” senator attempts to make the possesion of my semi-auto rifles illegal!
    Find a new job Mr. Baruth….I suspect you will need one when you are done trying to impress the President!

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