About Liberty in the Hills:

Liberty in the Hills is a political blog started by long-time Vermont resident Nic Phillips, exploring issues and current events that are shaping the world that we live in.  Openly supporting Libertarian principles, this blog embraces the idea that our state, our country, and our world can be improved through smaller government, conservative fiscal practices, social tolerance, and a revival of the individual freedoms that are our God given rights.  Liberty in the Hills will continue to add contributors in the future, to provide multiple voices on the state of liberty in our nation.

About Nic Phillips:

Nic PhillipsA graduate of the Savannah College of Art & Design, I work as a media and technology integrationist in Vermont’s public school system.  I have seven years of higher education under my belt with studies including animation, web design, political science, humanities, and premedical science.  It is my hope to one day run a successful web design business with the vision of helping small businesses to remain relevant and competitive in the increasingly digital world that we live in.

Having received my absentee ballot in the mail three days after the 2004 election, I was a first-time voter in 2008.  Like so many from my generation, I was frustrated with the many shortcomings of the Bush presidency and longed for an alternative to the 8 year debacle that we were emerging from.  In my haste to find a new direction, I quickly became entranced by the eloquent, hypnotic speeches of Barack Obama.  I mean, who wouldn’t want CHANGE and HOPE and PROGRESS?  Who wouldn’t want to live in the picture perfect world that he painted so effortlessly with his words… Today, I see that this is all that we ever received, just words.  Hollow, empty words.

Bipartisan politics have left many, myself included, completely disenchanted with the system that governs our country.  We have been pulled from the pits of despair time and time again by Republicans and Democrats alike, only to be unceremoniously tossed back into the endless cycle of failed politics perpetuated by the two party system.  On the federal level, multimillionaire career politicians make the pivotal decisions that determine how we are allowed to live our day to day lives.  On the state level, our officials uphold the agendas of their national parties and impose that will upon each and every one of us.  Where is the everyday, common man in this scheme?  Where is our voice?  Where is a viable alternative to the downward spiral that the duopoly has trapped us in?

These are the big questions that are being quietly answered by great men and women who have decided to abandon the rigid confines of two party politics to support a logical, common sense approach to government that can save us from the ongoing deterioration of the foundation that our country was built upon.  And that quiet voice is growing louder by the day.  We need a smaller, more efficient government, not a government whose size is surpassed only by its inability to address the pressing issues that we face today.  We need a government that stays out of our bedrooms, our wallets, our personal affairs.

This is my view of the world that we live in as Americans, and a view that is shared by an increasing number of people the world around.  It is my hope that, through this blog, I can reflect upon current issues and events, and spark thoughtful discussions about where we are today, how we came to be here, and how we can make sure that the future we wake up to tomorrow is brighter than the past we leave behind today.

Additional Contributors:

Dale Sweetsir
Mindy Wren Barth
Bonnie Scott